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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Life can be really challenging and sometimes we all need some extra support to help navigate it.

I work with LGBTQ+ clients and those who have always felt ‘different’ in some way.  My focus is on working with you to understand why you feel the way you do and what might help. 

Sessions are held online via zoom and cost £50 for a 50 minute session.  Working online means you don’t need to worry about location and can instead focus on finding the right therapist for you.

A concessionary rate of £45 available for students and those receiving benefits. My working hours are: Mon – Friday 9am – 6pm

My Work is particularly focused on:

LGBTQ+ therapy

Exploring identity, experiences of discrimination, internalised prejudice

Anxiety and panic attacks


Improving confidence and self-esteem

A harsh inner critic, difficulties trusting yourself and making decisions

Boundaries and assertiveness


Major life changes

Career change, break ups, coping with disability diagnosis



Childhood Emotional Neglect

When a child’s emotional needs are not responded to enough

Relational Trauma

When there is a consistent disruption of a child’s sense of being safe and loved within the family

lgbtq therapy

My Approach:

My approach is centred around compassionately listening to your experiences and story.  Together, we will explore patterns in your relationship with yourself and others, how your past may be affecting your present and what to do about it.

My counselling work draws from a range of therapy models, including Relational Psychotherapy, Attachment-informed, Compassion and mindfulness-based approaches, with the ultimate aim of creating a welcoming space where you feel safe and able to be seen.


Working with me can help you:



  • Better know, understand and accept yourself
  • Recognise and use your existing strengths and to create new and more effective ways to navigate your life
  • Improve your relationships, set boundaries and stand up for yourself and what you need
  • Process your feelings so you don’t get so overwhelmed and stay more connected to yourself and others
  • Overcome your challenges so you can feel comfortable, live a more fulfilling life and bring your genuine self to the world

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